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This showcase features a tiny fraction of the websites we have done for our amazing clients over the years. We include case studies that cover various areas of our expertise in web design, front-end development, and integrations with different platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, Craft CMS, and more.

Combining Canva with WordPress can be a powerful way to create visually appealing content and seamlessly integrate it into your WordPress website. Here are steps to integrate Canva with WordPress:

As a digital marketer and website developer using GoDaddy with Canva, you have a powerful combination to create visually appealing websites. Here's how you might integrate the two

Designing in Canva: Utilize Canva's design capabilities to create graphics, logos, banners, social media images, and other visual elements needed for your website. Downloading Canva Designs: After creating your designs in Canva, download them in suitable formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.) to your computer.

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